Friday, October 8, 2010


School holidays are more-or-less over. I can't deny it any longer. I blew the dust off my work bag this afternoon, and horrified to find ... WORK! That I have to do! Eeeeeeeeeek!

Soph went off to a theatre production with Steve this afternoon, and Caleb was playing pirates very happily on his own for an hour or two ("Pincess. Fall in water. NOW!!" **insert splashing noises and shrieks of dispair** "Halp me, Halp me!" "Oh yes. Have a sleep in bed") so I managed a wee bit of productive stuff, though I'm cursing 'Numbers', the Mac spreadsheet program. I'm sure it's wonderful, as all things Mac are (once you've gone Mac, you'll never go back, etc) but it p*ssed me right off today. Anyway, life will go on...

Also managed some more painting, but as am now out of canvases, won't be doing any more for a while. Think this one will go in the bathroom.

Sophie is now the proud owner of a special craft box, filled to overflowing with creative delights and wonders. Her eyes literally popped out of her head when she opened the lid. Very satisfying reaction, considering the contents were what I scrounged from my scrapbooking supplies (okay, so not the really nice stuff) supplemented with fancy zig-zaggy scissors, glitter, pom-poms, acrylic paint that is too crappy for canvas, craft sticks etc that have been hidden away for donkey's years - have I mentioned that I'm a hoarder? We put her 'Bits and Pieces' tackle box in there too, and made some rules to ensure limited mess and maximum fun.

1) Mummy MUST be present when we use it.
2) We decide what we are making, take what we need out of the box, make said thing, then pack things away. No half-finished, messy stuff is to be left lying about, just because we suddenly decided that we wanted to make something with bells instead.
3) We work on the table. We made this rule after Caleb made off with (and presumably ate) 7 or 8 large sized googly eyes late this afternoon.

Anyway, Soph decided we'd make puppets today, so we did! Cute, eh?!

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  1. Beautiful painting Miriam!! Very clever. Love reading your blog, thanks for sharing your life with us :)