Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bird pies

We made bird pies today, but not the sort actually containing birds, with feet sticking out out of the pastry, immortilised in Roald Dahl's 'The Twits'. Our pies are actually an attempt to bring birds closer to our barren, near tree-less block - though heaven help them if they dare venture near the deck!

I remember reading a particular School Journal article with reading group once upon a time that contained a recipe for these wee birdy treats. I couldn't remember it exactly, but here's what we did, and it seemed to work:

Bird Pies
* 1c dripping (**gag-heave**)
* 1c breadcrumbs
* 1c assorted seeds (we used a 'Wild Bird' mix which was $2.90 at Woolworths, but was intending to use a mix of wheat and barley)
* 1c Rolled oats

1) Warm dripping (**gag-heave once again**) and mix ingredients.
2) Firmly press into muffin pans.
3) Knot some string or yarn and press into the mix, ensuring that knot is well-buried.
4) Bung in the freezer for a bit until set.
5) Carefully ease out and hang wherever you'd like to attract birds.

We wound up with 6 of these suckers, so I do apologise in advance to anyone unfortunate enough to visit us anytime soon - you will undoubtedly have one of these treasures foisted upon your ever-grateful self, as Sophie is certain that they are the ultimate gift.

Lets hope they attract some birds - other than the wretched magpies Steve has been shooting off, that is! Even if they don't work, it sparked some great discussion and was lots of fun.

Only one day of school holidays left :( Really, really should get planning that Measurement Unit...


  1. Apologies also to grammar police, who may just be bored enough to proof-read my blog. Would have done a decent job of it myself, but it's school holidays and I have a head-cold. Brain scheduled to begin operating again on Monday at 9am.

    Thank you.

  2. Neat! These remind me of cute bird feeders I have seen on Trade Me, made from pretty old tea cups and saucers (water in the cup and seed in the saucer).

    My birds really enjoyed a pinecone covered in peanut butter and seeds.