Thursday, October 28, 2010

And then there were 6!

A few months ago, we got two rabbits. Apparently female, though it seems they were too young to be sexed accurately. They have already had a few more adventures than most of their hopping kind, after getting out and making their way up the road to the village where one of them was house-trained and lived the life of a king, while the other had a near-death-experience while being bailed up under a BBQ by a snarling dog. Both survived and were returned a few days later after we managed to track down their whereabouts.

Yesterday, I was doing my usual afternoon animal feed, and lifted the lid of the rabbit hutch to replace the hay in their sleeping quarters. I recoiled when I saw a huge pile of fur bundled in the corner. I moved it aside, and recoiled again when I saw 4 squirming little bundles of pink and black writing about in the fur. Brand new baby rabbits really aren't cute!

Sophie was THRILLED to see that two are pink, and remains resolute in her convictions that they will stay that way, despite obviously being bald at this stage.

I keep half expecting them to succumb to something dreadful, but so far they seem strong and healthy. I haven't picked them up, as everything I've read says that you shouldn't, but I'm dying to have a closer look - they really are HIDEOUS looking things! Must set appropriate example to the kids though, or they'll be all over them and then they will certainly die :(

And for the sake of sharing more photos, I found these on the camera too:
A butterfly Soph drew a few weeks ago...

I took this pic the other night while the kids were playing (I mean LEARNING ;) ) on It's a great wee phonics site that keeps my kids happy for hours and is actually a reasonable quality literacy resource. I even allow it in my classroom! Great for developing pre-reading skills (eg letter and blend sound knowledge) as well as extending children already reading. Of course if I had a PC, I'd be wary of letting my kids loose on it, for fear that it would crash itself into a crashing thing, but as I have a Mac, I know it is child-friendly and almost totally crash-proof. But lets not get into that old argument...

Not much else happening here. Busy doing assessment stuff for school and gardening - of which I really will post a picture soon - it's looking good!

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