Friday, October 1, 2010


We've been doing fun stuff!

Now that the kids are older (2 and 3 - can you believe it?!) and life is a bit less hectic, I'm making a point of planning activities with the kids, instead of just playing whatever variation of picnics / tea parties that Sophie deigns that we play or reading stories all day. Both kids are enjoying seeing what I set up in the mornings, as well as leading their own learning (always a teacher ;)) by extending and adapting the original activity to suit their own interests and ability.

Inspired by an amazing friend with an equally amazing pair of children, I had this fine-motor colour-sorting thingee ready and waiting for them this morning. I used cut up bits of coloured drinking straws, a pair of tweezers and labeled containers for Soph, and she mastered the tweezers in no time. We extended it using kitchen tongs of various sizes and springiness. Caleb used the 'Compare Bears' and his fingers to begin with, but soon decided that he was big enough for the tweezers and tongs too. Lots of frustration ensued, but boy was he chuffed when he managed to work them - even if it did require two hands and his tongue sticking out! Next time, I'll try and interest Soph in sorting other things, maybe according to number / letter. Who knows if she'll even be remotely interested, actually - always a bit hit-and-miss working with Miss Sophie!

Our vege gardens are in progress! Here are Steve and Soph doing some serious work this morning. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the (half) finished product tomorrow!

Had a few hours to kill in town this morning (you know you live in the Wops when you call Rangiora 'town'!) so we spent a pitifully small amount at the Warehouse and got heaps of what Soph called "bits and pieces" - lots of beads, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, fancy paper etc. We've had a blast threading words and making birds with a bit of play dough and our new treasures...

And Caleb's bird - cute eh?!

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