Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcycled Buzz Lightyear costume

If you're on FaceBook, you've already been spammed by this, but tough luck - here it is again.

Caleb, like most preschool-aged boys, adores Buzz Lightyear. He is slightly miffed that the version he was given for Christmas was the el-cheapo one that doesn't do anything except stand. Sometimes. If you get the angle of his legs right. He has been repeatedly asking for a "Biiiiiiiig Buzz", but due to my current anti-plastic kick (and the fact that it is absurdly expensive) it ain't happening. Neither was a Buzz costume at $50 a piece.

We just happened to have a hand-me-down purple fleece hoody and a green t-shirt in roughly his size. We also had a huge cotton knit baby blanket that we used to swaddle him as a baby, to try and prevent him sitting up and climbing out of the bassinet. It was a tad ridiculous in retrospect, but hey, his sister was using the cot!

So I whacked the hood off the hoody, the bottom off the t-shirt, attached some sleeves and body made from the cotton knit and that was about it. To get the sizing roughly right, I traced around some inside-out items of his clothing.

Using a decent overlocker made the job a pleasure rather than some of the other serging experiences of my time, which endangered neighbouring wildlife (or small children) as I came close to hiffing the POC out the window. It really was genuinely easy - I didn't even bother with pins, thought I possibly should have **darty-eyed glance** It isn't astoundingly fabulous, but Caleb loves it and keeps declaring "I'm a BIIIIIIIG BUZZ!!"

I elasticated the back to prevent it looking too much like a sack and attached various buttons and bits made from fleece and knick-knacks I had lying around. The T-shirt I used was a polo type, so it removed the need for zippers or snaps, as he can squeeze comfortably through the top opening.