Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gardening geekiness

Steve and I set up another garden bed this weekend, and planted leeks, onions and another row of carrots. May do spuds too, but I'm not sure if there's enough room left to do them justice. Our intention is to have 6 beds up and running by October, plus the additional one we built this weekend, which will eventually have a galsshouse plonked on top of it.

In my haste to get planting early this summer, I deliberately ignored the nagging voice in my head that was telling me to think carefully about what I planted where. This particular season, it hasn't mattered, because we had exceptional fresh soil in raised beds and we had a perfect growing season, weather-wise. We have literally been snowed under with produce, but if I don't shake of my habit of willy-nilly planting, we'll deplete our soil of growing goodies pretty smartly.

As a certain sign that I really need to get back into the classroom, I made a vege garden planner. Here it is:

In theory, this should allow the garden enough variety of 'types' to allow the soil to regenerate and rest between seasons, resulting in fewer pests and better yields. We shall see. We are also composting, so I've been shoveling that into the soil as beds empty, and will continue to do so. Am thinking our composting needs more thought too. Will make it the next project.

I can already see issues, as some beds will be used for winter veges and some won't, resulting in some beds being further along in the cycle than others... Gaaaahhh! Will just muddle away and see what happens. Hopefully veges of some kind of edible quality!

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