Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ballet dancing elephants...

The kids are right into dress-ups at the moment. That's nothing new for Sophie (though my life would be much easier if she would limit her outfit changing to 3 times a day) but for Caleb, the old man child who would not touch an unfamiliar item of clothing without hysteria, this is quite a change.

We have a few increasingly small dress-up things about, but I really need to make more...

Two Cinderellas - one gender-bending...

Today I had the sewing machine out after making some pocket nappies with a friend, and Sophie reminded me that her beloved elephant Bella was tragically devoid of couture. I had some tulle handy, and whipped up this wee tutu, in a similar fashion to one I made Sophie a few years ago. Easy peesy, and very cute!

Here's how to do it:

Sew some elastic to form the waist of your desired model's tutu - be it child's, doll's or elephant's. Do it tighter than you think it should be. Trust me, I'm right.

Cut strips of tulle roughly 5cm wide, and twice the length you require your finished tutu to be. You need lots. As in at least 5 times what you would think. At least if you are a chronic underestimator like myself.

Double the strips legthways, and loop over the elastic. Don't know how to explain that any other way. Sorry.

Do lots.

Zig-zag stitch over the elastic and loops to make the tulle sit flatter. This takes out a lot of the stretch of the elastic, so right now you're feeling thankful you took my earlier advice of having a tight elastic, aren't you??? ***casts knowing look at people furiously hacking lengths of elastic**

Ta-da! Just like a bought one.

It may be useful to attach tulle onto a length of elastic, then attach ribbons to tie it on, so that it can be a bit more one-size-fits-all. I didn't bother for an elephant, but I see merit in the idea.

Cute aye?

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