Saturday, November 6, 2010

More crafty fun - Puppets!

Sophie has a real passion for all things crafty, a bit like her mother. Nothing makes her happier than making a good old mess with glue, paint, sticky bits and pieces and stuff that I would really rather stayed in the recyling bin.

This week, unassisted my me, she's made:
A computer, that also doubles as a cash register, depending on the need at the time. Actually, I guess most cash registers ARE computers these days - Great observation skills, Sophie!

Sadly, we lost many of the foam and ice cream stick buttons, but it had lots to begin with.

Ice creams, by tracing around Shape-o shapes and colouring. These have a special song that accompany them that talks about a baker's shop and cherries on top, but I can't seem to get the words right and it incenses Sophie when I even try, so I won't say any more about it.

And the best thing of all - puppets! These, however, required a LOT of parental input.

We used socks, that had narrowly escaped being binned due to my 'unmatched socks need to find buddies within a fortnight" rule. They were pretty old and ratty, but they served the purpose well enough.

My first intention was to write a story together and use the puppets to tell it, but we never got further than inventing the characters: Girl, Sister (later renamed 'Mum') and Cat. We discussed the necessary body parts at length, and how we would make them. Then, using a hot glue gun (yeah, I know - call CYPFS on me!) we carefully added googly eyes, noses, hair and clothing.

The cat was Sophie's idea, and aside from me attaching the ears and whiskers, she did the work. I love it, even though she managed to sacrifice a pair of scissors in the process by cutting pipe cleaners!

Probably an activity better suited to older children due to the hot glue, though you can get cold melt glue guns, which would be safer. Sophie didn't seem too bothered by the melted glue she managed to get on her toe but it could have been worse if I wasn't such a safety conscious mother (**ahem**).

Lots of play left in them too! We played puppets all afternoon (the highlight of which being the comment "No, cat. You can't catch mice, because you haven't got any arms!") and we may yet write our story and bore someone to tears with it.

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