Thursday, November 18, 2010

Minty the Mental One loses her tail

Today we finally bit the bullet and got Minty tailed. It had to be done, or she could end up fly-blown with a horrible poo-ey tail stuck to her nether regions. Still made me a bit sick though, even though I've probably had the great fortune of helping tail thousands of lambs in my time.

She's probably a week or so over the ideal age, so her tail required a fairly solid push with the hot iron, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I keep likening it to having a finger seared off, and I'm sure I wouldn't be interested in eating immediately after that **wince** Does she have a high pain threshold, or are sheep really stupid? Who knows.

Actually, she is crazy, so possibly the latter is the case. She does that skippy-hoppy-frolicking thing that lambs do in books all. the. time. She runs inside and does it down the hallway, hooves skating about on the timber flooring like a giraffe on roller skates. The kids have taken to leading her about on a leash, but in reality, she decides where they'll go and the kids just follow her.

Here's the killing blow...

Caleb seems a tad confued, but Soph finds it all hilarious.

"Put it back on!"

Who needs a tail anyway?


  1. Please note Sophie's race day attire. Very particular about our "outfits" nowadays. Not clothes, OUTFITS. And we must choose our own, preferably combining orange and pink.

  2. That is a perfect outfit for 'race day' and orange and pink are fabulous together, (or is that just me that thinks that)?

    Ouch for Minty and the loss of the tail. Obviously it didn't bother her too much which is good. Hope that Caleb didn't get too concerned or 'obsessed' about trying to attach it back on.

  3. Sometimes a little pain now is much better than slow torture. Love Cameron's attempt to put it back on, so cute!