Thursday, November 11, 2010

Colour mixing fun

The kids couldn't decide which colour of food colouring they wanted in their bath tonight (a wee treat after a long hot day) so rather than referee yet another altercation, I decided to put both yellow and blue in. They were fascinated with watching the colours merge to make green, so I bunged some paint in snaplock bags to let them play with before bed.

I blatantly stole the idea from their preschool, where a window display shows what they did using cling film and different colours of paint. I don't have copious amounts of acrylic paint that I am willing to share with my children, so I wasn't as generous as they were, but the few blobs I used were plenty for the task at hand and can be used later to paint with anyway.

The snaplock bags did a great job of containing mess, and will keep the paint fresh too. Win-win!

Sophie and Caleb now know that blue and yellow make green, blue and red make purple, and white makes colours less intense. Though they might struggle to verbalise that one...


We've had a few hot air balloons land in nearby lately, and yesterday they were so close that they inspired an early morning mission in our PJs to get a closer look!

That's all for now :D

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