Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sophie and Caleb's first foray into the film industry

After entertaining (or possibly torturing!) the fair citizens of Rangiora with endless renditions of The Three Little Pigs whilst shopping this afternoon, we got out the groovy puppets a friend gave Sophie for her birthday and acted it out. After a few renditions, it suddenly occurred to me that I should record their efforts, because they'd be excellent humiliation ammunition for their 21st birthdays.

So here is a few (long) minutes of what we got up to. Poorly edited and shot, but a bit funny if you can bear the length of it. Or maybe I'm just turning into one of those mothers that think their children are amazing / amusing / beautiful when they're actually gormless little twerps who drive every otherwise normal person within a 10 mile radius insane **twitches slightly**

Anyway, what struck me as I watched the video, was how much I interrupt my children - SHOCKER! How rude. And how often I interrupt their wonderful, creative ideas with how the story *should* go. Must stop that. Whose game is it, anyway? And who cares? What am I actually teaching them by doing that? That things must be *right*? That their ideas aren't as good as the *right* ones? Not ideals I want to imprint on them in any case. I should video myself parenting more often - I suspect I'd change a few things as a consequence...

Anyway, here it is. Feel free not to watch, and let me know if I'm in danger of descending into blinkered parent territory.

Here 'tis!

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