Friday, February 18, 2011

Silly old Fox. Doesn't he know?

There's no such thing as a gruffalo!

No idea what I'm talking about? You obviously don't have preschoolers!

We had an invasion of Mr Whineypants today. Nothing was good enough for Caleb, but anything was cause enough for a good ol' tanty. That child has a temperament of extremes - when he smiles (which to be fair is most of the time) the whole world smiles with him. When he turns on the grizz, we all run for cover!

Anyway, I sent him to bed after lunch after a morning of contrariness. Not surprisingly, he was unimpressed. He declared he wanted to make a gruffalo when he got up. He was expecting me to make excuses as to why it wasn't an option, but I called his bluff and said "What a great idea. We'll get out the craft box and find the things we need". He looked at me in shock, scowling that he missed a certain opportunity for another tantrum, and then declared "No. I want to make a gruffalo CAKE". Refusing to be out-grizzled and allow him the excuse for a wobbly, I told him that was an even better idea, and we'd get straight to it when he woke up. I will admit that I was eye-rolling and cringing inwardly, but please don't give him the satisfaction of knowing this information.

We had a busy day, but squeezed in a trip to the supermarket to buy edible gruffalo-ness. The kids helped me write a list of things we'd need, and we had a great lot of fun at the supermarket selecting the perfect elements for our creation.

* Orange eyes - dried apricots
* Purple spines - jelly beans
* Teeth and tusks - milk bottle lollies
* Horns - bananas

I opted out of a body, as making a small gluten and dairy free cake requires a great deal of sorcery. Making a large one is nigh on impossible. And expensive.

So anyway, cake was made and kind of successful. I iced it and allowed them to add the eyes, teeth and other bits and pieces. They loved it and he's not too ugly!

Please note the PowerPuff Girls hair clip in my hair and the evidence of bowl licking on Caleb's face. Nice, huh?


  1. Very cool! Aiden had a full gruffalo cake for his birthday last year and loved it. It's still a firm fav book here.