Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I found more photos!

Amazing what you find when you clear the camera.

One of the other activities in our advent calendar was making Christmas cards.  I know you can buy a thousand for 99c, but hey, this filled in an afternoon.  We used a booklet of scrap-booking paper I've had for years (bought from the Warehouse for about $4), which was quite handy as it meant that all of the colours were already vetted for colour coordination.  This is not a strength of my son's.  It also meant that the prints were kinda flowery, and not so well received by one of Caleb's Nursery School friends, who suggested he give it to a girl instead.  Just as well he has a thick skin!

We traced cookie cutters to get the shapes, cut them out and layered them with rectangles onto plain paper.  Don't they look cute?  The crooked sticking kinda adds to the appeal.  Or so I'm telling myself!  Might make gift tags too.

I have been having a love affair with felt of late.  I've made lots of felt food (will post pics one day), and Soph has been helping me make felt decorations too.  The blanket stitching is beyond her, but she can sew buttons, plait and use a snap press.  I should really buy her a cross-stitch kit, because she'd love it.

And here's my vege garden, as of a week or so back.  Garlic and peas are ready for harvest, tomatoes, beans, courgettes, corn, spuds and capsicums are well on the way and we have a constant supply of strawberries, lettuce and carrots.  Summer has arrived (did I just jinx something?) so everything has doubled in size since this photo was taken.  I need me some more dirt!

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