Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coconut smashing and things

The kids always used to implore me to let them shake a coconut when we go to the supermarket. It must have been something I did with them one trip when I was trying to avoid grizzles, but anyway it became a tradition. They also always begged to buy one and I always said no. That became kind of a tradition too. One day recently I actually thought before saying the obligatory 'no' and threw one in the trolley. The kids were elated!

We got home and did some talking about what might be inside and how we'd get it out. Google helped us a little.

The children then got busy with a hammer and a nail and broke a few holes for the liquid to drip out. That took a while, but Soph was determined to sit it out! When we were bored of that, we wrapped it in a towel and bashed the living daylights out of it with a hammer, until it cracked in half. All and all, the kids were entirely unimpressed and haven't even done so much as acknowledge a coconut since. Lots of fun all the same. And it only cost $3.90 ;-)

We are now well into November and despite being a funny old season of wind, rain and very little heat, things are finally coming together in the way of produce around here. I've had a bit of a rough run with the vege patch, what with rogue chooks, birds and cats scratching where they are unwelcome, and 3 year old children taking it upon themselves to independently plant the entire bag of seed potatoes in (and I quote) "All of those places", but I think we'll get there. My biggest issue is actually having run out of room, and my poor husband not having time to whack me up more raised beds! If we lived anywhere else in our area, then that wouldn't be an issue and I'd just get the shovel out and stop whingeing. Soil around here is pretty rocky and frankly average though, so we need to buy it in until the compost gets cracking. And it's always convenient to blame someone else, isn't it?

Here are some pics of what is going on:
Beans and peas

One of our more prolific apple trees. Really must thin the fruit down, but it pains me!

Widdle wee bubba nashi pears!

Cherries. The tree appears to be straining a bit and we need to net it if we don't intend to supply the birds with a feast sometime soon.

Mandarin blossom! And leaf curl, but lets ignore that. Citrus is hard work in our spot, as although we get fabulous heat we also get dreadful frosts. Am hoping to get fruit from both our mandarins and limes next year though!


  1. My girls have started asking about what coconut is made out of, and I showed them one at the vege shop last week. Maybe we should bring one home and try this out! Your garden looks great too.

  2. Thank you! My children were decidedly unimpressed with the taste of fresh coconut. I may have picked a dud.