Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Order! Order, I say!

I think Sophie is her father's daughter. Look at what she created today in a fit of earthquake / illness induced boredom...

Bear counters sorted according to colour and size!

She is the type of child that doesn't cope with anything even slightly askew from her perception of order, so things like buzzing flies or messed up lines of lined up stuff do her head in. I will admit that there have been fleeting wonderings about various disorders and syndromes, but I think she's just quirky and particular ;-)

Pretty cool, aye?


  1. It looks like she's preparing her army for world domination

  2. I should also note that she observed we were missing a green "mummy-sized" bear. It nearly threw her off enough to curb the entire project. In fact a few moments after this photo was taken, her brother ran off with a solitary yellow small bear and it was enough to make her swipe the whole display onto the floor and kick individual bears about the kitchen in her fury for several minutes.

    We're working on resilience.

  3. lol.. it's a little bear army.